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How did it happen that over the past decade certain foods have become “superfoods”? Has the nutritional profile of “modern food” become so poor we consider real food superfood?? True, these superfoods are healthy but they are just food. We have become so accustomed to these overly processed junk foods as passing for actual nourishing foods that we’ve become a society of people that think actual food, the stuff that has been provided by pure earth and soil, is some sort of miraculous item. It’s because the junk we eat is so void of any nutritional benefit, no matter what the package says, that anything even slightly better is miraculous.

Far be it from me to decry any marketing that highlights the benefits of fruits and vegetables but here’s the problem with the “superfood” angle. What really happens is within a short period of time, after such a study is released extolling the benefits of whatever food item was studied, the market is suddenly flooded with juices, bars, cereal, you name it,containing the miraculous item somehow stuffed into its ingredient list. So here we are, back to square one, eating a bowl full of sugar crap from a box with freeze dried blueberries because some study in Sweden said they are a “superfood”. They are just healthy, indeed very healthy but they are not going to cure you of anything. What are now being called “superfoods” are simply things that you should have in your daily diet. They are just good foods as opposed to most of the garbage being sold as food.

Here’s my take away. Buy a pint of blueberries. Roast some beets. Throw some raspberries into a smootie. In other words: EAT REAL FOOD. Then all your food will be superfood!!