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I’ve been trolling along some training and fitness websites and I’m finding quite a few are selling some sort of supplement. Be it shakes or pills, all claim to be the key to your weight loss or overall health. Personally, I do use a protein powder in my breakfast smoothie and take vitamin D in the winter, but I do not believe you can achieve healthy weight lose by omitting a healthy meal and replacing it with a mere shake or drink of one sort or another. ¬†You need to eat healthy, complete meals NOT just a shake. Shakes, smoothies and drinks should be look at as a supplement NOT a replacement, as I see some products are advertised as. Meal replacement regiments and diets are out dated and not effective in the long run. You may lose weight initially but without learning how to make healthy and sustainable food choices, by practicing, you will gain the weight back.

By preparing your own meals you are learning good habits and practices for life. Relying on a crutch will ultimately fail. Can you imagine you are going to drink a chalky shake (or maybe its delicious) for lunch everyday of the rest of your life? or are you going to count “points” forever? Probably not. Keep your intentions in the real world and always factor in the years ahead, not just the period of time you will be on your “diet”. As a matter of fact, avoid the “diet” all together and make your food choices your lifestyle.