Palm Oil

Palm oil is a common oil used in commercial foods such as cookies, pastries, savory snacks (potato chips, etc) and in personal care products and cleaning products. The problem I’d like to alert you to is the fact that palm oil is imported from places like Malaysia and Indonesia where vast amounts of oxygen producing rainforests are being destroyed in order to establish palm oil plantations. This practice releases enormous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as well as displacing animals and people who live in the rain forests and depend on them to live. Ultimately, we all depend on the rain forests to live as they filter the air and contribute oxygen to the atmosphere.

I urge you to pay attention to details like this and do your best to make conscious decisions you feel good about in your daily life. We should endevour to not  go about our lives making habitual choices without realizing how these choices effect our lives on a greater scale.


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