What the Hell…

We all know cutting calories promotes weight loss. Dieters watch their food intake, count calories and watch the scale for results. But how about that day when its someones birthday at the office and you have a cupcake or you’re out to dinner and you just can’t resist that warm Italian bread with butter. Oh well – right? Diets blown may as well eat what I want and start over tomorrow. Well folks, that’s a terrible idea. In fact the worst thing you can do for your diet! You can take a 200 calorie mistake and make it into a 1600 calorie nightmare putting yourself at a severe disadvantage the next day when you resume you diet. Just because you go over your caloric goal it does not give you license to go crazy!

We all slip up and honestly, a cupcake here and there isn’t so bad. But what we need to do is be forgiving of ourselves and rather than give into failure (for lack of a better word) we can merely look at it as a momentary lapse. Get yourself together and come up with a plan to compensate rather than drowning in a calorie, fat and sugar attack on your poor body. A cupcake, slice of pie or warm bread is easy to compensate for (calorically anyway) but a cupcake, milkshake, big mac and bag of chips is another story altogether. You see, your diet is not actually blown. There is a lot of push/pull involved in changing our habits and patterns. We are going to move forward then slide back a little. It’s all part of the process as long as you see it that way. Keep at it!


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