Sneaky Little Sweatpants

Sweatpants, yoga pants, velor, cotton or spandex – I don’t care what they are. I don’t care if they are a $10 pair from Walmart or $120 from Juicy Couture. They don’t belong in your everyday wardrobe! Beyond workout, pajamas and the occasional lazy or sick day they need to stay in a drawer and off your behind. I know they are comfy and I know some actually do look very cute. Yes I am aware. Here is the issue. Without a defined limit to your waistline you have no clue when the pounds are inching up on you until one day you pull out you favorite jeans and your thighs are stretching the seams. Yikes. That top button is the first indicator that you need to scale back and watch the calories.

The first time someone made this point to me was after the birth of my daughter. She was born in March so it was still a bit chilly here in the northeast and having been through 9 months of pregnancy and 23 hours of nature birth I was in no mood to move out of my comfort zone anytime soon. But, after 6 weeks or so a neighbor of mine, who is never one to mince words, gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Among other things she gave me this advise: Get out of those sweatpants! And so I did. But sure enough, after 6 weeks of living in my sweats, my maternity jeans were tight. That fact, and the much improved weather got me moving. I walked my behind off, literally, with my daughter in her stroller. Those tight maternity jeans were my gage, then after a few weeks I moved onto my regular jeans (at first with the help of a rubber band through the button – an early pregnancy trick). They were uncomfortable but they kept me in check. They reminded me of my goal which was of course to get back to my pre-baby size.

Even now my pants are my guide. If they are getting tight I reassess what it is that might be causing it and cut back. Same goes if they get too loose. I  definitely do not align myself with the notion that all weight loss is good and skinnier is better. If my pants are loose,  I’m not nourishing my body correctly or I’m working it too hard.

So there you have it. Keep your eye on the scale if that’s what works for you but even better keep those sweats off you behind and monitor your body without having to step on one beyond your doctors office.

Note: When attempting to lose weight initially it is best to monitor your weight with daily weight checks. My advise above pertains to those who have reached their ideal weight and are now in the maintenance phase of their fitness.


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